Erpici rotary harrows

Strong points

Compact frame

This type of frame is mounted on Vigolo rotary harrows with working widths below 2.5 m. It is suitable for medium and light terrains, and is ideal for working in vineyards and orchards as it reduces damage to plant branches.

Frame with reinforced sides

The reinforcing tie rods are applied to the sides of Vigolo rotary harrows with working widths above 2.5 m to render the structure more solid and stable while working. This reinforcement system is a significant benefit when using the machine in combination with a seeder or with high-power tractors.

One-speed and variable-speed gearboxes

All models of rigid power harrows are fitted as standard with high-efficiency, single-speed side gearboxes, or Made in Vigolo variable-speed gearboxes as optional. Thanks to the right relationship between mechanics, power, torque and speed, the Vigolo transmission achieves excellent performance and allows the rotor speed to vary from 280 to 510 rpm.


Vigolo supplies two types of damped endplates, one fixed (standard on the EN-VX-VZ models) and the other sliding (standard on the DB models, and optional on the others). The sliding version is especially suitable for working on rough terrain. It is possible to adjust the height of both endplate models, and they have internal springs to ensure that they adapt to the terrain.

Adjustable damped levelling bar

It is possible to adjust both the tension, using a mechanical spring system, and the height, using a crank handle, of the levelling bar according to the characteristics of the terrain to be worked.

Transmission with ball bearings and tapered bearings

The Vigolo EN rotary harrows follow the traditional build philosophy, which uses a ball-bearing transmission system. Whereas, the VX, VZ and DB models benefit from Vigolo’s experience, which has led to an evolution in the transmission concept of rotary harrows: transmission with opposing taper roller bearings was designed for use on high-power tractors and guarantees high resistance, even in the toughest working conditions.


The gears in the transmission body are cut and achined in Vigolo plants, and then undergo heat treatment to increase their surface hardness, while retaining their internal toughness. For this reason, the case-hardened gears mounted on Vigolo rotary harrows are extremely wear-resistant and ensure that the machines are highly reliable and durable.

Rotor pitch

The needs of the terrain to be worked determine which pitch (distance between rotors) is most suitable. The Vigolo range of rotary harrows covers the widest working needs: for better soil finishing, we recommend a short pitch (215 mm, EN and VX models), while for terrains with a high stone density, the long pitch (240 mm, VZ and DB models) has proved to be the winning choice.

Rotor phasing

Rotor phasing, i.e. angled tooth distribution, was designed to reduce harrow vibrations during use, especially when working directly on compact terrain. On one hand, the evenness with which the harrow advances gives a homogeneous soil finish, and on the other, it limits the power required from the tractor.

Ample space between the tine support and the transmission body

The large distance between the bottom of the transmission body and the rotor support reduces friction with the terrain while working. Thanks to this ample free space, any build-up of broken soil, or soil with a high stone density, slips off quickly and allows the harrow to advance with less effort. 

Curved tines

Vigolo’s special curved tines ensure that the harrow advances evenly and reduce vibrations during use.
They prevent the soil from building up between the tools and are more effective at absorbing impacts with stones or banks of rock.

Stone deflectors

As standard, all Vigolo rotary harrows have stone deflectors at the most critical points, i.e. where the rotor motion brings the soil towards the working space of the harrow. When working on very stony terrain, we recommend adopting the optional built-in stone deflector, which covers the whole tine support.

1. High-resistance double profile trough
2. Reinforced case-hardened gear
3. Ample distance between the tapered bearings
4. Formgestanzter Rotorhalter
5. Hermetisches Ölabdichtungssystem mit Doppeldichtung
6. Reinforced case-hardened shaft

Vigolo rapid tine release
The innovative Made in Vigolo rapid tine release system makes it possible to change tools simply and quickly. This is done using a special key, which presses the locking pin to release the tine. This system, which was designed and made entirely by Vigolo engineers, does not require screws, bolts or other fastening accessories.


EN-T 095 - 185

  • Min Tractor power 25
  • Max Tractor power 90

EN-L 165 - 250

  • Min Tractor power 30
  • Max Tractor power 120

EN-S 200 - 340

  • Min Tractor power 40
  • Max Tractor power 140

EN Plus 300 - 400

  • Min Tractor power 70
  • Max Tractor power 140

ER 300 - 400

  • Min Tractor power 70
  • Max Tractor power 140

VX 250 - 400

  • Min Tractor power 60
  • Max Tractor power 180

VZ 250 - 400

  • Min Tractor power 80
  • Max Tractor power 200

DB 300 - 450

  • Min Tractor power 110
  • Max Tractor power 250