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The company Vigolo was founded in 1963 by Luigi Vigolo, resourceful entrepreneur from the province of Vicenza who, with his wife Francesca Guarda, still present in the company, was able to transform within a short time the starting activity of manufacturing on behalf of third parties into a successfully productive and commercial company. Already in 1964, the production of agricultural machinery was started with the construction of the first rotary hoes in Italy.
The range of Vigolo products soon spread to the production of both fixed and folding rotary harrows, brush and flail shredders, hole diggers and subsoilers.
The combination of genius craftsmanship and industrial modernity finds its highest expression in Vigolo agricultural machinery, which have always been known for their strongness and extraordinary reliability.
Since 1969 Vigolo began developing its sales network overseas and the competition in the international market contributed to the enhancement of quality standards and to the study of technological innovations, often improved and protected by patents.
With a strong engineering and design expertise, the technical department is engaged in continuous research and development in order to meet the needs of the operators in this field.
To guarantee fast improvements and quality in the production, Vigolo company is equipped with machine tools and systems in the lead that allow the creation of most of the components within its plants.
With the help of a young and dynamic staff, led by Eng. Flavio Vigolo, Vigolo Group, now oriented to the world market, has gradually strengthened and expanded its distribution network of retailers, increasing his prestige internationally and consolidating the confidence which, since two generations, customers worldwide trust in Vigolo products.

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Machines for the manufacture of the Earth. Harrows, shredders stalk chopper, rippers, augers.


The design is done with CAD / CAM programs of the last generation.


Our machines are the result of a continuous and constant research and innovation.


qualified specialists to guarantee you a quick post-sales support