Side shredders

Strong points

Upper structure

Solidity of the structure, high technique and attention to the details are the main features of the three point headstocks of Vigolo side shredders. With robust arms, a reliable system with pins mounted on self lubricating bushings, an innovative extradimensioned main pin and an accurate choice of materials such as high-resitance steel Vigolo assures long resistance and stabilty even under demanding work conditions.

Perfect transmission

All Vigolo side shredders are standard equipped with gearbox with internal free wheel. Thanks a correct combination of mechanics, power, torque and speed high performances are ensured nevertheless with lower power absorbtion. Internal or external gearbox is available for each model: the internal one is suitable for road maintenance and on flat areas, covering the whole sector behind the tractor; the second one allows more vertical and side shift for the maintenance of ditches and banks.

Lateral skids

The lateral skids offer an extra protection to the area of the sides which usually undergoes more wear. The option of skids with lower plate, together with the rear roller, ensures extra support to the side shredders, eases a regular work and makes the the machine more stable.

Front protection

The standard equipment of Vigolo side shredders includes front protection through flaps made of galvanized iron; this creates a safe barrier which helps to avoid the coming out of the material cut.

Security systems

In order to avoid the possible consequences of bumps which could potentially damage the machine, Vigolo technicians developped different original security systems. The shock dampening oscillating fork of the three point hitch, standard for models LG2 and SG2, and the “upper loop hitch” represent the perfect match for an optimal adjustment of the shredder on the field. If needed, Vigolo side shredders can be equipped, as options, with mechanical shock dampening system for extra protection of the cylinder of position and the nitrogen accumulator which dampens the cylider of rotation.


1. Upper loop hitch
2. Shock dampening oscillating fork
3.  Rounded side


Lateral transmission

With a strong engineering and design experise, Vigolo technical department developed solid and reliable lateral transmissions. The correct regulation of the tensions is carried out through screws outside the crankcase; this allows high efficency of the trasmission and low wearing of the belts.

Frame and rotor

Vigolo side shredders were designed to allow optimal mulching of the field residuals even in large quantities. The wide case, proportioned to the diameter of the rotor, combined with different tools ensure optimal mulching also of woody field residuals and on demanding work conditions.


SG2 Version

1. Counter-knives
2. Hood liner
3. Hood liner


DSK 120 - 180

  • Min Tractor power 30
  • Max Tractor power 80

DSKE 120 - 180

  • Min Tractor power 30
  • Max Tractor power 80

LG2 120 - 200

  • Min Tractor power 35
  • Max Tractor power 100

LGE2 120 - 200

  • Min Tractor power 35
  • Max Tractor power 100

SG2 160 - 220

  • Min Tractor power 50
  • Max Tractor power 200

SGR2 220 - 250

  • Min Tractor power 70
  • Max Tractor power 200

SGE2 160 - 220

  • Min Tractor power 50
  • Max Tractor power 120

SGRE2 180 - 250

  • Min Tractor power 70
  • Max Tractor power 200